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Northern Pike - (Ontario Record - 42.12 lbs.)

If you are searching for a diverse northern pike fishery, look no further than the wonderful province of Ontario. With a fast strike and a powerful surge, the northern pike can be a tough customer for those that choose to wrestle with one, and for your information, Ontario definitely has plenty to pick from.

Pike are voracious feeders, lunging at baitfish, amphibians and even small waterfowl when the dinner bell rings loud and clear. Due to the large size that these fish can attain, heading out for a day with stout tackle, heavy duty baits and strong line is mandatory if you want to get the job done right.

Spoons rate high for tossing to pike, and the trusty "red and white" has been the undoing of many pike over the years. Other productive baits are spinnerbaits, in-line spinners and bucktails, crankbaits and topwaters. Pike are notorious for torpedoing out of the water to corral a surface lure, often leaving an angler speechless in disbelief. Talk about fun fishing!

Shallow, weedy areas of a lake will often be home to a healthy population of northerns. When searching out the big girls of the lake, head to deep water and troll big crankbaits through their underwater lairs. Be prepared to hold on tight, because you're in for one heck of a battle.

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