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Brook Trout - (Ontario Record - 14.50 lbs.)


Known for their breathtaking and brilliant colourations, the brook trout is a fish that has won the hearts of many anglers. What this small fish lacks for in size, it certainly makes up for in beauty, as it can be found at the top of the list amongst our fish in Ontario.

Giving forth a scrappy fight, as well as tasting delicious in the pan, the brook trout will strike a variety of lures and baits, the most noteworthy being spinners, flies and livebait.

Located throughout the many creeks and streams of Southern Ontario, they become more widespread in lakes as you travel northward. The far reaches of Northern Ontario is home to the largest brookies, found amongst the rivers and streams that call this area home.

Often called a speckled trout in Ontario, the brookie prefers clean and clear water to reside in, often darting out from rocks or beneath boulders to take an insect or beetle from the waters surface. For many anglers, this is when the true sport of flyfishing really sinks in, and a cunning game of smarts begins to take over.

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