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Smallmouth Bass (Ontario Record - 9.84 lbs.)



For those looking for aerial acrobatics and hard-fought pulls, no other fish compares to the smallmouth bass. Rated by many anglers to be pound-for-pound the hardest fighting fish in Ontario, Mr. Bronzeback will certainly not disappoint.

Preferring to reside in deep, cool and rocky lakes and rivers, this cousin of the largemouth bass can be caught on many of the same lures that will attract its twin.

With a diet that specializes in crayfish, this voracious eater can be found anywhere that these tasty crustaceans call home - namely rocks. If you're not targeting rocks, pebbles or boulders while fishing this renowned adversary, you're certainly putting yourself out of the game early.

Jigs and smallmouth go together like peas in a pod. Twister tails, tubes and shad style plastics have accounted for more smallmouth than any other lure, and for good reason - they can realistically mimic a crayfish. Matching the hatch is always an established pattern, and choosing hues of brown, black, smoke and orange is definitely a wise choice.

Topwater baits, including poppers, chuggers and walk-the-dog type lures, will always illicit heart stopping thrills and chills. To round out your arsenal, stock up with spinnerbaits, crankbaits and soft platic jerk worms. This will cover all the bases when out on the water.

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